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Welcome to This site is (still and will always be) under construction, Sorry for the lack of updates, seems like me (Hell) and Gnome have been busy (mainly me because I am in charge of web design), and also it seems that we don't have as many downloadable mp3s as we used to (we have 4 now),due to xoom (ROT IN HELL) deleting our member account and all our old mp3s for no reason, but we got a new account with and of course we still have lots of tabs, though. And we have over 12,000 hits, something I never thought possible with this site. As our interest mainly lies in the metal genre, all of the mp3s we feature will be METAL ONLY. And will basically be focused on stuff a lot of you may have never heard of (we pride in having stuff no one else has) but would probably like. So to sum it up, if you aren't into metal get the hell outta here! If you have any comments or suggestions as to what we should have on this page - Contact Hell or BrockyBong Thank you and BANG YOUR HEADS!

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